Why Need Steroids to Gain Muscles

There are many ways to attract carve your body like a pro. A lot of Athletes and bodybuilder take steroids to gain muscle. For diet, intensive workout classes, supplements to take steroids, the list just goes on. If you want to speed up building bigger and larger muscle mass, use steroids. Gym workouts offer slower results and too much effort can be boring. Whereas a good deal of Power lifting and steroids can significantly increase your muscle mass and resistance. Many power builders nowadays are using steroids to look and feel sexy.

The effects of steroid and HGH or human growth hormone can cause muscles to explode and become bigger than their normal capacity. Usually the target areas of steroids are upper leg muscles, torso, shoulders, and neck as well as the gluteal area. The results make a man’s body to look like the famous sexy cartoon character Johnny Bravo. The upper body mass has the capacity to become more resistant due to the fact that androgens are found mostly in that region.

Just by looking at the body, you can immediately tell whether he or she is on steroid use. The distinct physique and built can showcase what you call asteroid body. The best way to detect is by looking at the shoulder and waist. If they are equally the same size, then that person has used steroids. Regular gym workouts can’t simply do that, you have to have the magic help of steroids and other bodybuilding supplements.

Steroid use has good and bad side effects. Aside from its masculinizing effects, it’s responsible for increasing men’s sexual libido and vitality. Side effects may be serious once abused. With improper use of steroids, liver and psychological problems may arise and damage to male’s reproductive organ is likely.

When choosing to be on steroids, it’s very important to seek Doctor’s advice and to ensure how much amount would be needed. Athletes and bodybuilders are recommended to use a limiting amount of steroids or they will become dependent on it. Dependency on steroids is not good at all. It can cause hypertension, kidney or liver failure, mental problems, retention of body fluids, depression, delusions, cholesterol spike and other unlikely diseases.

In men, prolong use of steroids is very dangerous as this will explode the muscles of the body and shrink the testicles resulting in infertility and loss of libido. In women, this can diminish the periods and make the body look masculine. It can even bring changes in a woman’s voice.

It is very important to choose only the safe steroid synthetic drug and follow only prescribed amounts of intake. Never go beyond what is normal just because you can’t wait to have your muscles carved sexy. If you are not an athlete or a bodybuilder, don’t take steroids! Once you start using steroids to gain muscle, you may find it hard to seize because of its obvious effect during your first cycle.


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