What Are The Typical Symptoms Of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis can be defined as a noncontiguous dermatological condition which produces scaling, thickened skin, appearing in plaques. The condition mostly affects scalp, elbow and knee skin. When it comes to the causes of psoriasis, it’s mostly the malfunction of T cell which is held responsible for the disease. Normally, this T cell works to detect & fight off the foreign substances like bacteria or viruses. Psoriasis occurs when T cells erroneously attack the healthy cells. Now, what leads to T cell malfunctioning is still not clearly known. However, there are some factors which might trigger the malfunction. These are skin infections, strep throat, skin injuries, severe sunburn, cold weather, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking & sometimes medication with lithium.

The post below discusses of symptoms of psoriasis-

General symptoms of Psoriasis

The Psoriasis symptoms would vary as per the type of psoriasis but here are some general symptoms of the dermatological condition.

• Red skin patches with silver scales
• Little scaling spots
• Cracked dry skin which might bleed
• Soreness, burning sensation or itchiness
• Ridged, pitted or thickened nails
• Stiff and swollen joints

Below goes a brief on the symptoms of psoriasis as per the particular type of the disease

Plaque psoriasis

• Reddish raised skin patches called plak or plaque
• Patches could be anywhere on skin surface but mostly on scalp, lower back, elbows & knees
• Itchy patches which might thicken on scratching
• Patches might be of varied sizes
• Nail issues- crumbling nail, pits in nails, nail might fall off as well.

Guttate Psoriasis

• Little red spots that would be usually visible on arms. Trunks, & legs but might appear on ears, face & scalp as well
• Spots usually appear post an illness, mostly strep throat
• Spots might come up where the individual had suffered from plaque psoriasis

Pustular Psoriasis

• Swollen red skin featuring pus-filled pumps
• Bumps mostly on soles & palms
• Bumps leaving scale or bown dots as they dry
• Pain & soreness where bumps appear
• Paion and soreness on the bumps
• Bright-red skin
• Feeling of being over exhausted and sick
• Chills & fever
• Appetite loss
• Rapid pulse
• Severe itching
• Muscle weakness

Inverse Psoriasis

• Red, smooth skin patches mostly where one skin touches another, such as buttocks, genitals, groin area, armpits & sometimes under breasts.
• Soreness

Erythrodermic psoriasis

• Skin appears bright-red as of it’s being burned
• Body unable to maintain normal temperature
• Excessively rapid heartbeat
• Intense pain & itching

In case you have felt any of these symptoms mentioned above, you should visit a good dermatologist for a thorough examination. According to the experts, one must visit a dermatologist of his psoriasis:

• Goes beyond nuisance stage, leading to pain & discomfort
• Makes it difficult to perform routine tasks
• Makes one worried about skin appearance
• Leads to some joint issues such as swelling or pain or incapability to continue with daily tasks.

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