What Are The Top Muscle Building Foods?

Are you looking forward to improve your muscle mass these days? Well, a sculpted physique is always dapper and almost every man out there aspires for it. Now, of course you are hitting the gym to work on your muscles but you should consider the diet part as well. As per the fitness experts, there are some great muscle building foods that would immensely help you to enhance the muscle mass.


Also known as “health food”, eggs are fantastic muscle builders. Egg yolk carries good level of cholesterol that serves at scaffolding for the steroid hormones. Moreover, each egg contains half gram leucine which further adds on fuel to your passion for muscle building.


Next to egg, nuts are the most important food for solid muscle mass improvement. These tiny snacks are awesome mix of fiber, fats & protein that altogether supplies your desired calories sans padding up the waistline. Among all nuts, almonds are the most useful for muscle improvement given their higher volume of fiber and protein. One shot-glass of almonds can support you with 6 gm protein & 160 calories. Moreover, these are enriched in Vitamin E & B Vitamins which are excellent for good energy metabolism.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is greatly preferred by fitness experts for its great muscle building prowess. This particular dairy product is rich in casein which is a slow digestible dairy protein. As one consumes casein, the amino acid in blood rises up slowly & stay piqued for a lengthy period. Moreover, cottage cheese carries live cultures (good bacteria) that help the body to breakdown & absorb all nutrients needed to get stronger and bigger.


Lentils are regarded high as great mass buildup weapons and must be a part of your diet arsenal when you are looking forward to improve your muscle mass. One cup cooked lentils carries 18 gm protein & 40 gm slow digestible quality carbohydrates. A great bit about lentils is that these are really inexpensive & assure long shelf-life. You can have them with salad or brown rice.

Skinless chicken

Chicken is considered as one among the best sources of premium protein and thus a must-include in this list. The rich protein content in skinless chicken helps in muscle maintenance & repair, improves bone health & aids in proper weight maintenance.


These delicious berries play a crucial role in improving the muscle mass. Raspberries enhance the digestive health helping the body with better absorbent power for optimum extraction of all nutrients from foods consumed. These are even rich in fiber, more than any berry- up till 8 grams each cup. A fi8ber-rich diet is also essential to tone up the muscles.


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