Tips To Increase Body Mass Index By Building Muscles

Having a double baked potato with double fat cream, apple cinnamon pie and ounce steak will not make the muscles strong but will defiantly increase the body weight from 40 to 60. Apart from a combination of high carbohydrate, protein and fat meal you need to inculcate correct work out regime and peace of mind with determination to build muscles for skinny guys. There are some who calculate the entire day’s intake and work accordingly and there are some who go by a normal routine but you do not have to keep a note of everything in your notepad after each meal.

A diet chart combined with work out, rest and sleep is a must if you are looking for an answer to how to build muscle mass for skinny guys. Some of the components which are included are as follows:-

• Meal for breakfast, pre-workout and post-workout

The most secure method which cannot go wrong is to have a heavy breakfast combined so that energy is stored up for most of the day since you are going to go under rigorous muscle build up. After workout your meal should include the required nutrients with green vegetables but the food should not be wholesome as the breakfast. Pre-workout meal should be light yet energetic.

• Intake of a variety of foods

It gets a bit robotic having the same food for every meal every day. Since variety is the spice of life balance out your diet chart which should include calories since for new muscles to grow you are straining your body which needs some recovery process as well. Increasing the metabolism of the body includes intake of proteins in the form of milk and dairy products and carbohydrate is your gas tank. For skinny guys it is optimum to eat 30% of fat. Correct amount of vitamins and minerals are to be included in the diet.

• Planning ahead

Maintaining the correct balance along with correct planning ensures a clear head which is stress free and it adds up to your health by giving boost to your workout of building muscles.

Normally it takes about 12 weeks for a skinny guy to build in muscles and it makes life more exciting for couple of weeks as you get focused in concentrating on the plan. You will not be teased anymore by the body builders for your skinny physique so you can rest in peace.

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