Tips To Achieve Natural Male Enlargement

The “alpha male” quotient tops the wish list of all men out there. But a small size is a serious disappointment here. Not only it harms the “macho” factor but also impacts one’s performance in bed which could result in serious conjugal disharmony. However, the good news is that there are some natural techniques that can actually help to achieve natural male enlargement.

Male enlargement exercises

There are three very important male enhancement exercises to go for:


Stretching is really effective to enhance your penis length, as per the experts. You have to perform it when you aren’t erect & must repeat between 10 & 15 times for good results. To do this- grab the flaccid organ around its head & slightly start pulling it forward till it’s stretched to its optimum comfortable limit. Hold it for nearly 15 seconds prior to releasing this stretch. According to experts, you must shake the penis well post stretching to relax the penile muscles. One can even stretch the penis to right & left whilst performing the exercise.


This particular male enhancement work out cashes in on the ejaculation urge during stimulation – which in turn has shown to enhance the penis size. To do this- hold a palm firm over the penis head when you are feeling to ejaculate. Repetition of ballooning technique would help to stress the penile tissues that ultimately results in an enhanced size.


Jelqing is another extremely beneficial exercise when one is looking forward to natural male enhancement. You have to perform it when your organ is almost erect but not completely erect- as you might end up injuring the member in the latter case. Before you start the exercise, make sure to lubricate it well.

To do this- form an “okay” sign right at your penis base with your thumb & forefinger. Now, slowly start squeezing the member at its base & pull your forefinger & thumb down your shaft length. Stop as you get to the penis head & repeat the same with another hand. Each of your individual strokes must go on for several seconds & beginners should start off with hundred strokes & gradually you have to elevate it to five hundred strokes.


Apart from these specialized exercises, you should make sure to follow a daily work out regimen. Daily exercise helps to enhance blood circulation throughout the body, including your penile tissues- that ultimately help to strengthen the penile muscles ensuring great performances. You must especially go for weight hanging as it helps to divide the male appendage cells, thereby creating better mass.

Finally, be careful to follow nutritious diet, enriched in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

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