The “Eat Less, Move More” Way To Stay Fit

Would you rather go on a diet or spend tremendous effort to exercise? This is one of the eternal questions for many health buffs. Although there are many top weight loss supplements, dropping pounds remains a really challenging goal for many who desire to achieve a slimmer body. It’s hard but it’s no secret to lose weight. The truth is losing weight effectively goes hand in hand with diet and exercise.


If you really need to kick-start weight loss you should focus on diet. Before you decide to increase your physical activity and attend gym classes, you should start by simply reducing your calorie intake. Experts recommend taking off 1 pound a week which requires a deficit of 500 calories- simply cutting off soda, juice and coffee drinks can do the trick. This initial step will program your body to gradually shed more pounds. Small frequent intake of low calorie food during the day is also a good jumpstart. It helps to have a structured meal plan to consume fewer calories.

Eat less and move more. What you may not realize is that at different points in your take-it-off efforts, the key is to emphasize exercise as it speeds up your metabolism and capacity to torch stubborn fat. Walking for two hours can burn off many calories. If you’re too lazy to do exercise you can simply take lunchtime walks or evening walks on at least for two weeks.

You should remember not to reboot your diet and exercise once you started this regimen as this may lead to possible failure. Many weight losers who change habits at once get thrown off track and it’s because of the bandwidth issue-if you can make multiple changes, you can’t do them all correctly. It’s often easier to make adjustments on your diet than exerting more effort to strenuous exercises.

When you have taken off several pounds combine both exercise and diet. It would be easier to work out once you’ve shed some excess pounds rather than starting when you feel heavy and lack energy. Research studies shows that the combination of diet and moderate exercise for people on long-term programs yields the best results. While cardio exercise helps in burning calories, resistance training often helps more in fat reduction. Most importantly those who do aerobic exercise have good resistance against developing heart disease.

If you need to maintain weight loss you should learn to stick with regular exercise. Base on studies, people who stick to regular workout are nearly twice as likely to keep fats from piling back on compared to those who don’t. Exercise fuels up the activation of hormones that speeds up metabolism.

Continue to eat well and eat only healthy stuffs. Of course it’s not easy to remain on diet forever but embracing exercise as part of your daily routine goes a long way. Being physically fit isn’t something you can turn off and on. Consider it as part of your life.

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