Some Useful Homeopathic Remedies For Atopic Dermatitis

Skin rash is commonly referred to as atopic dermatitis. It is a disorder which is chronic and may get weepy as well as dry. It has a specific time period when it comes depending on the season and can fluctuate as well. It itches so much that a person completely goes insane. You can also have infections caused by bacteria. The disorder does not leave out anybody, it can occur to an adult to a child.

When it comes to understanding its causes, it is not yet known but it may be due to genetics, allergens and certain irritants. Stress is another factor which is associated with atopic dermatitis. Homeopathy does have a treatment for it and some of the homeopathic remedies atopic dermatitis includes:

Petroleum – for extremely dry and crack skin petroleum is advised on the palms and fingertips especially. The skin tends to become leathery and to avoid that you should go in for petroleum.

Sulphur – for those whose problem is severe and it burns, sulphur is advised and those who are in usage of ointments for dermatitis should go in for sulphur.

There are many homeopathic treatments which are ideal and you have to choose the specific treatment that matches with your problem. The doses of medicines which have the contents should be taken as instructed. Some of the home remedies for the problem include the following:

• Bleach bathing – infections are minimised when you take bleach bath which is to be prepared by using home bleach and warm water to fill the tub and just soak in without putting your head inside the tub for ten minutes and dry your skin.
• Oral medication for allergy – to take the oral medication at bed time is the best option since it provides you relief.
• Moisturizing – areas which are dry should be well moisturized at all times and especially after bath. For moisturizing you can apply oil as well as cream. Calamine lotion also does wonders for the skin.
• Using compresses and mild soaps – to dress and bandage the area is a must as well as using cold compress helps in reduction of skin itching.
• Complete no to perfumes – perfumes should not be used on the body as it contains chemicals which are harmful for the dermatitis.

Those who are looking for an alternative to medicine can also manage the atopic dermatitis by the various therapy of bath, acupuncture, therapy of the aroma and usage of electrodes. Some sort of techniques of relaxation is also helpful. However, note that these procedures are temporary and can provide you relief for some time and not permanently. To get permanent relief you should inculcate in home remedies as far as possible.

Atopic dermatitis can affect almost any part of the body and makes that part dry such as elbow, knee, eyelid, cheeks, backs, upper arm, eyelids and even scalp. Every problem has solution and some have many solutions. The homeopathic treatments suppress the problem but it can also flare up the problem later rather than fully diagnosing it. Home remedy is a trusted solution but it depends on the skin type and severity of the disease. It may also take long for the problem to subside.

There are herbal remedies as well in the field of medical science which is termed as organic and is more of a cosmetic healer which does wonders for the dermatitis. The selection is based upon your preference and in the first case it is home remedy which should be followed after which homeopathy. If nothing works then it shows that the problem is too severe to be treated casually and hence dermatologists are the only saviour.

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