Muscle Building Tips For Women After 40

A woman’s body starts to experience landmark changes with the onset of 40. Albeit average menopause age is 51 yet the changes start to occur from forty only. One of the most important physiological changes every women experience at this age is decrease in the muscle mass. But not to worry as there are ways by which you can build up your muscle mass and stay active even after you reach forty. The article below discusses the different muscle building tips for women after 40.

Strength training

Strength training is one of the most recommended ways to build your muscle mass as you turn 40. Actually, most of the aging effects experienced by women such as – weight gain, muscle loss, joint stiffness, decreased balance & weakening bones- are mostly caused due to inactivity. Thus, strength training is really important here to ensure a healthy & fit you, with improved muscle mass.

• Starting with strength training

According to ACSM, you must carry on 2 solid strength-training sessions every week. However, before you go on with the training you must get a clearance certificate from your physician. It’s especially vital for those with high BP, diabetes, arthritis and heart issues.

If you receive the clearance nod from the doctor, you should consult a seasoned fitness trainer and start off. As mentioned earlier, you must take to 2 training sessions each week and make sure to keep 1-2 days off between each session. When you are a beginner, you would have to begin with the lower weights & 12-15 repetitions. As you start gaining strength & connective tissues start adapting to added stress, you should focus on increasing weight & reducing number of repetitions.

• Your basic routine

Start every session with warm-up like brisk walking, jogging or high-knee marching -that will raise the core-body temperature & increase blood circulation to the limbs. After that take to dynamic stretching such as arm & ankle circles, butt kicks, & mild leg swings. Then, you can plunge into 30-40 minutes of strength training. Every session should finish with light stretching which targets main muscles that you have worked on.

It’s advised to go for an effective and thorough resistance routine, comprising with basic body-weight workout which target major muscle groups. The exercises that you can include here are vertical jumps, lunges, squats, step-ups & mountain climbers to strengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps. Crunches, toe-raises and pushups are equally important here.

Healthy diet

You must be proper about taking to a healthy diet plan along with the exercise routine- make sure to consume adequate carbohydrates, protein & of course healthy fats. As you would be on regular strength training & good exercise from now on, you should increase the calorie intake that would provide you the needed stamina to burn out while working out.

Adequate sleep

Though often neglected, especially in case of women yet you must make sure to get adequate sleep while you are looking to improve your muscle after 40. The doctors advise to go for minimum 8 hours sleep every night. You must understand that strength training leads to muscle trauma and its only when the trauma gets repaired, your body can experience muscle growth. One of the major factors leading to the trauma repair is the HGH hormone or growth hormone that is naturally secreted during 3rd & 4th stages of sleep cycle. Thus, if you do not complete the sleep stages properly, it will take longer to build your muscle.

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