Major Causes Of Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetry in breasts is usually common in female adolescents & sometimes in adult women as well. Breast asymmetry implies difference of volume, position and form of breast which is usual in almost every woman. In most of the cases, the unevenness gets corrected as the teen girl reaches adulthood. However, in some cases, the asymmetry refuses to go. Doctors measure symmetry of breasts through mammogram – while these days a special 3D laser scanning SCAN-3D has been introduced too.

So, what are the causes behind breast asymmetry?

Well, it should be mentioned here that there is no one particular reason that contributes to uneven breasts. Below is a brief on the possible causes behind breast asymmetry.

Hormonal changes

It is said that teen girls experience asymmetry in breasts with the onset of puberty. According to some studies, this unevenness is caused by sudden hormonal changes occurring in the body during the adolescent period.

Traumatic injuries

This is another possible reason behind asymmetrical breasts. According to a report, some girls experienced uneven breasts given injuries on breast bud region during gymnastics while they were ten or eleven years old. Thus, any severe injury on the breast area during the growing years might lead to asymmetry in breasts.

Poland’s syndrome

Poland’s syndrome is a condition which is found in teen girls & is known to cause asymmetry in breasts. The syndrome denotes a condition where a girl does not develop adequate pectoral muscles or chest muscles that ultimately lead to uneven breasts.

Juvenile hypertrophy

Juvenile hypertrophy is another reason behind asymmetrical breasts experienced by young girls. In such a condition, one of the breasts swell sway larger in comparison to the other one which in turn leads to a visible unevenness in breasts. Such conditions often result severe psychological stress and inconvenience. However, it should be mentioned that juvenile hypertrophy is a rare problem.


Yes, it sounds dangerous but underlying tumors can also result in asymmetrical breasts. These tumors are mostly non-cancerous but if found should be treated in time. If an adult woman suddenly experiences difference in breast mass, tumors might be the reason for that.

Other causes

The other probable causes behind asymmetry in breasts are curvature of spine as well as scoliosis.

As mentioned earlier, in most of the cases, the breast asymmetry corrects as the girl grows up from her adolescent stage. But in some situations- for example, for those suffering from Juvenile hypertrophy- the breast size stays visibly uneven. In fact, at times, the patients with Juvenile hypertrophy complain about difference by one cup size which is seriously inconvenient. It gets difficult while buying lingerie or when you are eager to sport a lovely bikini. Girls suffering from Juvenile hypertrophy often resort to artificial pads for the smaller part.

In such situations, it’s best to consult a doctor for breast augmentation so that the smaller part can grow at par with the bigger part. Serious breast asymmetry must be treated in time to avoid chances of severe psychological problems.

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