Maintain Your Hair Without Thinning Them Out With 6 Homemade Guidelines

Are you losing out 100 strands a day? Do not be worried, as this has become a common phenomenon among most of the women. New hair follicle does emerge from the old hairs. To prevent hair loss you need to follow a strict diet combined with some homemade remedies which will make your dull and lifeless locks into lustrous and healthy. Those of you who are yearning to get the ‘golden locks’, be rest assured since here are some useful female thinning hair remedies for you that will work as a magic potion.

• Taking the required vitamins mineral and vitamins should added to your diet of which beta-carotene is a must. Vitamin B-complex, vitamin C and E in different proportion is desired.
• Iron content – women tend to lose hair due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, menstruation and poor supplementary diet for which 50 milligrams of iron with 1000 milligrams of vitamin C is advised.
• Application of aloe veraapply the natural form of gel from the aloe vera is congenial and aloe juice consumed orally, at least 2 tablespoon is ideal.
• Oils that nourish and repair jojoba oil, emu oil, rosemary oil and almond oil are considered to be rich which are actually hair stimulating to be applied on the scalp. In fact safflower oil when massaged on the scalp increases the blood circulation and prevents hair loss.
• Addition to the shampoo – adding licorice and or extract of sage to your shampoo can result in eradication of the hair loss. Sage tea can be used as a last rinse for your hair as well.
• Application like a cream – arnica when massaged as a cream onto the scalp increases blood circulation and you can also make it as a hair rinse when dilute arnica with water.

Apart from the remedies which are provided you need to take care that you are consuming maximum amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. You are advised to stay away from any sort of chemicals and heating elements such as blow drier or straightener Immunization problem such as stress is the biggest cause of hair fall. Severe problems such as alopecia, cancer and unmanaged or tangled hair also result in hair loss.

Losing a few strands of hair from the scalp is normal but if you are losing more than you are gaining then you must first consult a dermatologist and then your problem area can be identified. Otherwise stick to the homemade care routine which does not have any kind of adverse effect on your scalp. But remember that drugs prescribed by the dermatologist can have reverse effect on your hair so make sure that you do not indulge in such treatments.

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