How To Get Tips To Get Rid Of Manboobs

Man boobs is an unflattering situation where men tend to develop breast tissues and the condition is clinically known as gynecomastia. It mostly happens given excessive deposition of fat in breast tissues which can be reduced with proper diet and exercises. On the other hand, manboobs can be the result on unwanted high estrogen level and decreased testosterone level in the male body. The article here highlights on some expert tips that would help you to get rid of manboobs.

Stop taking illegal drugs

Do you know that manboobs can be the result of illegal drug consumption at excessive level? Yes, overconsumption of marijuana is one of the main reasons behind the growth of manboobs. Thus, if you are an avid marijuana patron and have experienced development of manboobs of late, stop taking drugs immediately.

Change your diet

Obesity is one of the main reasons behind manboobs which are caused by fat deposition in chest. Thus, you would have to change your diet plan to cut down on the fatty level in your body that would consequently reduce the elevated chest area. Focus more on fresh veggies and fruits and cut down on junk or artificially sweetened products. Being rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits would enrich you with proper nutrients that would assist in muscle build-up & fat reduction. You should also take to whole grains and lean protein.

Cut down on your alcohol consumption as hard drinks elevate the fat level in your body.

As manboobs are caused due to high estrogen level in male body, you should also concentrate on foods that help to reduce the estrogen level. These include corn, green beans, pineapple, grapes, berries, melons & cabbage.

Your calorie intake should be limited to no more than 25 %- don’t go for crash diets though as otherwise you would be ripped out of the necessary nutrients. You might have hunger cravings initially and non-fat yoghurt or unsalted nuts would be handy here.


Just change in diet plan won’t be enough to get rid of your manboobs- you would have to take to regular exercise regimen as well to overcome the situation properly. The doctors suggest taking to a religious cardiovascular routine here where you will mix up high-intensity cardio with interval training to reduce the unwanted chest fat.

Running would be a fantastic exercise here, if your back and joints allow it. Run for minimum 20 minutes 3-4 days every week. Your run routine will comprise of 5 minutes of run accompanied by 2 minutes of walk throughout the routine.

Interval classes are suggested as well Cardio burn sessions, boot camps, barre & other exercise classes with free weights are really effective to get rid of the embarrassing man boobs. The interval classes should be taken 4 days a week, with a rest day in between.

Do you love rowing? Well, rowing is really handy when it comes to eliminate the fat deposits from the chest. Swimming is another great exercise when it comes to reduction of man boobs.

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