Home Remedies To Whiten The Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

Dark teeth are a sign of monstrous teeth and over the years the teeth gets decayed and turns yellow. The agents present in the beverages are responsible for the dark colour of the teeth. Taking antibiotics or smoking adds to the worsening of condition. There are many treatment solutions for whitening the teeth but what is the use when you can eradicate the problem naturally at home. Using hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent is considered to be an effective bleaching agent. It is also considered to be safe when using it.

To apply the method for hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening you will need the following:-

Solution 1

• Toothpaste of your liking.
• A teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.
• A teaspoon of baking soda.
• Half a teaspoon of water.

Combining all the elements and then applying it with a regular tooth brush is to be used for sparkling results.

Solution 2

• Strawberry
• Baking soda, a teaspoon
• Hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon

Combining all the elements by making a paste of strawberry and using it once a month is the best remedy.

Solution 3

Banana peel and hydrogen peroxide are needed for the preparation. Applying hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of water and rubbing the banana peel on the teeth makes the teeth white. It is the inside of the peel that is to be rubbed once in two days.

Solution 4

Applying hydrogen peroxide on your normal toothpaste and then brushing it eases out the dark spots as well as tan from the teeth. The method is considered to be safe.

To maintain oral hygiene you can purchase the bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the local drugstore. It is ideal if you buy a solution which has 3% content of it. You can also use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. You should brush your teeth with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda once a week. Household products are considered safe since it does not contain any amount of harmful chemical which can wear and tear your teeth. Teeth are a sensitive part of your oral hygiene which is also a hard element but has to be taken care of so that bacteria do not infiltrate the area and make it worse. Special care and gentle movement even while brushing the teeth should be adopted as the normal practise. Your smile enhances after you are done with the procedure.

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