Do Male Enhancement Pills Work Permanently?

Every man has this desire to be alpha male before his partner and a short size could mean serious blow to his confidence level. A small penis is no uncommon problem and there are many men across the world who are embarrassed with their size. The common practice is to male enhancement pills. But do they actually work? Well, you will get both chemical-based & natural herb-based pills in the market. According to experts, it’s better to take to natural male enhancement pills as the chemical ones can lead to serious side effects. On the other hand there are some natural male enhancement pills that work permanently or produce long term effects sans side effects.

So, how will the best natural male enhancement pills help you?

• First of all, the pills enhance blood flow towards the penis that in turn improves the penile muscles and enables the penile veins to act more actively. All these lead to a good enhancement of the penis.
• The pills assure that stressed penis tissues get adequate oxygen & nutrient-rich blood that accelerate their recovery.
• The male enhancement pills works to improve the level of male hormone testosterone in the body which improves tissue growth and protein synthesis within male reproductive organ- which further the needed growth.
• As the enhancement pills help in improvement of penile tissues & muscles, you will feel more active psychologically as well. When you are psychologically strong, you are able to perform and please your partner better.

According to studies, the best natural male enhancement pills have been found to successfully treat a wide range of sexual issues in men. These include:

• Male impotency or erectile dysfunction
• Libido loss
• Premature ejaculation
• Sexual depression or anxiety
• Compromised or reduced sexual performance

Below is a list of natural ingredients that you will find in the best natural male enhancement pills that promise permanent or long-term solutions-

• Piperine/Bioperine

This alkaloid is a black pepper extract that helps the body to successfully use different nutrients in it which in turn helps all the organs to function better- including the male reproductive organ.


It’s the building block of sex hormones. DHEA helps to enhance testosterone levels in the body and higher testosterone implies better virility, strength & longer life.

• Damiana

This is one of the most important herbs to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) and it channelizes the CNS of the body to send signals to the penile nerves for better function.

• Epimedium

Also known as “Horny Goat Weed”, Epimedium is one of the most important ingredients of natural male enhancement pills. The herb is rich in Icarin that enhances nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide acts as the chief messenger for brain communication & directs the brain to send good blood flow to penis via heart. As the penis receives improved blood flow, the penile veins open up to consume blood & store it for long. Moreover, nitric oxide tends to relax smooth penis muscle that further aids in quick expansion.

• Ginseng

Ginseng is a top favorite of Asians to enhance sex drive & energy. It acts directly on CNS & testicles as well as also improves proper erection of the penile organ.

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