Day Wise Routine To Lose Weight

Obsessed about weight and trying to lose the required pounds needs consistency and hard work. Just by hitting the gym everyday to lose weight does not help rather a diet chart combined with yoga is the solution for reduction of weight. Whether you want to lose 50 kilos or 5 kilos, start from scratch and do not shed all the pounds at one go. The body is not a machine and hence requires stamina which should be provided by the healthy food rich in minerals and vitamins. In the beginning it might seem impossible but with perseverance it leads to effective results.
Seven day diet plan to reduce weight in a crux include the following:

• Fruit diet – first day of school, of college, of office and of marriage might seem nerve wrecking and so does for weight loss diet that comprises of fruits. The quantity of fruits can be as much as you like and you can have it for twenty times a day. From strawberries to melons, apples and watermelons you can have water based and light fruits and avoid mangoes and bananas. First day sets the plan for the upcoming changes in the diet.

• Salad diet – including a whole potato for the entire day is enough but you can have raw salads such as cucumber, iceberg lettuce, olives, broccoli, bell peppers and other leafy vegetables as salad with just a toss in the pan and little bit of salt accompanied with it.

• Combination of fruits and vegetables –
setting up the tone for a light stomach by including both fruits and vegetables in your diet helps in reduction of weight and breakfast to dinner should be accompanied by fruits and vegetables itself.

• Banana, soup and a piece of wheat bread – it is ideal that with no intake of heavy fruit for the first three days, it is congenial that you eat banana be it two or three on the fourth day and a single bowl of soup with the wheat bread on the given day is enough to make you reduce weight fast.

• Healthy meal – adding tomatoes to your curry without oil as a supplement with cottage cheese and soya chunks to go with the healthy soup is desired. Though once is enough in a day but you can have liquid fruits and sprouts and leafy vegetables in the day.

• Giving fibre to the body – intake of a single chapatti but lots of sprouts and salads with the exclusion of tomatoes on the sixth day is effective to bring the fibre back to the body.

• Wholesome diet – wheat bread chapatti, a bowl of brown rice and salad tossed in pan without oil along with a liquid and clear soup is optimum for the last day.

The diet chart is a great way to start off your weight loss programme but remember that skipping breakfast is the worst idea ever! Empty stomach makes you fat and as you proceed to the lunch, meal should be light and lightest at dinner. No beverage and no juice with work out of 45 minutes on every alternate day are ideal. Balanced diet is an effective way to flatten your tummy.

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