Cons Of Teeth Whitening

Nobody in the world wants dirty and yellow teeth. Everybody opts for brighter teeth. Smile to die for is something that everybody wants. Many like to endure the costly and rigorous treatments for perfect pair of teeth. White teeth give you more confidence and helps in maintenance of oral health. Of course there are numerous advantages of teeth whitening but there are as many disadvantages as well which are as follows:

• Teeth whitening leads to sore gums that result from treatment of bleaching. The sore however, does vanish away after you have whitened the teeth by using bleaching method. It also results in sensitivity to a higher level.
• Discomfort is felt when you put in veneers and crowns that are not at all effective. You need to adjust the teeth as well which might not be as comfortable as you might think.
• Exorbitant methods- some of the methods used in teeth whitening are so expensive that you cannot afford to indulge in.
• Unsuccessful treatments- there are many treatments which are not successful even if you opt for highest degree of service from professionals.
• Pain- some of the treatments are extremely painful since bleaching and abrasion does create a screeching kind of effect on the teeth.

Home remedies for teeth whitening

Apart from opting for methods and treatments which costs more and going under the knife you should opt for simple home remedies like greasing and polishing the teeth with lemon peel. You can also use rock salt to grease your teeth effectively. In fact you can take some baking soda and lemon to polish off your teeth. Rich source of vitamin C such as strawberry and orange peel are also considered effective. You can even crunch down apple to give you white and strong teeth. Holy basil also has some adoptive properties that are effective. On the other hand if you want to get rid of bad breath you can use neem leaf to rub down your teeth.

With home remedies to maintain the colour of your teeth you are sure of some of the vital elements that are restored for lifelong. You can also make your teeth glow but harmful effect is that after a certain point of time teeth is weakened for which you need to take care that tooth is not rubbed off to a high extent.

Natural care such as consumption of milk and other dairy products helps in the teeth to glow. Regular brushing of teeth is common procedure which does not take much of your time. Too much of application of products on teeth corrodes it eventually which is why you should avoid using the products that have chemicals to a large extent.

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