Best 3 Tips To Tighten Natural Female Enhancement

Loose vagina is a serious concern for many women out there, especially the aging ladies. The vaginal tissues tend to get loose with age, frequent sex, hormonal disturbances or childbirth. Among these, frequent childbirth is one of the most important factors behind a lax vagina. Loose vagina leads to dissatisfied orgasm and sex as well as inhibits the male arousal & performance too. It results in hampered love life which can cast a spell in your conjugal bond as well. However, not to fret, there are natural ways to tighten the vagina. The article here offers best 3 tips to tighten natural female enhancement.

1. Exercises


Kegel exercise is one of the best exercises to tighten the vaginal tissues naturally. This very work-out concentrates on muscles & tissues in vaginal walls & pelvic floor which in turn helps to assure good elasticity for those regions. You can perform kegel exercise while urinating.

As you start to urinate, hold back the urine for 5 seconds and then let loose. This will lead to contraction of vaginal muscles & restore their elasticity & strength. Follow the procedure whenever you urinate throughout the day. You can even perform kegel exercise whilst you aren’t urinating. Sit on some hard chair & bend forward. While bending, contract pelvic muscles right from back to the front. Hold on to that very posture for nearly 15 seconds prior to getting back to the normal stance. Then, follow a reverse procedure which implies contracting muscles from the front to the back. You would have to perform the exercise religiously in ten sets (10 x2) everyday.

Leg up

This is another exercise which helps to tighten up the vagina naturally. Lie flat on a mat. Then, raise the light leg gradually while the left one stays grounded. Hold on to that position for 15 seconds prior to lowering the right leg. Follow up the same procedure with left leg. This will complete 1 set. You would have to perform ten to fifteen sets every day.

There is another variation of this exercise where the legs stay grounded & are moved laterally & medially. You would need to perform this exercise for nearly ten minutes and continue the work-out in 4 sets all through day.

2. Healthy diet

Along with the exercises, you would have to maintain a healthy diet plan to strengthen your vagina with essential nutrients. The experts suggest focusing on lean protein, organic wholegrain carbohydrates, lots of fruits & fresh veggies. These will improve your muscles, ensuring proper growth & repair- consequently getting you a strong & tight vagina.

3. Herbal remedy

There are certain herbs which are excellent to ensure a tight elastic vagina. Gooseberry is an important name here. You can mix up gooseberry with water & boil the two for an effective concoction. Use the mix to wash the vaginal area regularly to ensure strength, suppleness & elasticity of vaginal walls.

Then you have Oak gall and Peuraria Mirifica which are considered as some of the best herbal remedies for tightening a loose vagina. These herbs are rich in phyto estrogens and strong astringent properties which work to firm, tighten & lubricate loose vagina, thereby restoring its desired elasticity and size. You can consume these herbs in your diet whereas you will find supplements, gels & creams with these two herbs as primary ingredients.

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