African Mango Fat Loss Supplement Is Your Key To Losing The Extra Pounds

Are you trying hard to shed your extra pounds? Well, a slim portfolio not only speaks beauty but it’s also a huge boost to the confidence level. A daily exercise regimen is definitely much needed here but what if you packed schedule hardly offers you the time to hit the gym? Well, not to worry any more as you have the African mango fat loss supplement today that is claimed to be the miracle fat burner. The contemporary fitness is buzzing with the great weight loss effects of the product and it’s also featured in popular TV shows.

Also known as IG (Irvingia gabonensis), the African mango tree has its roots in West and Central Africa. The food produced from the tree resembles mango & is also called bush mango, wild mango or dika nut. It’s interesting to note that though people do enjoy the flesh of the fruit yet it’s the seed which carries the fat loss power. The fruit is widely consumed among several tribes residing across Nigeria and Cameroon. One of the major traits common among all these tribal people is their envious sculpted build- which according to many, is due to their increased inclination to IG. Moreover, they also show comparatively lower rate of cardiovascular issues, another great benefit of taking to African mango.

Today, the IG seed extract is sold online in the form of capsules, liquid and powder. There have been claims that African mango fat loss supplement consumed half or an hour prior to meals have reduced appetite, triglycerides and blood cholesterol. It has reduced growth of fat cells, encourage fat breakdown & enhance body’s control over blood sugar. As per some researchers, the increased fiber content in the IG seed tends to compete with bad cholesterol & helps to remove it.

Several studies have been carried out to check the effects of this fat loss supplement on the body. In two research studies with people on low-calorie & low-fat diet, the subjects taking to IG lost more weight in comparison to those on placebo. Another study has shown that people taking to 150 mg African mango extract two times per day, showed huge improvements in the body weight, waist circumference and body fat. Besides, they reported to have experienced better cardiac health- with balanced total plasma cholesterol, C-reactive protein, blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, leptin & adioponectin levels.

The intriguing part is that the subjects experienced all such benefits by just consuming the IG fat loss supplement & without making alterations in exercise or diet routine. Studies have shown that the African mango users have lost around 8 to 10 pounds of weight with their initial consumption session.

One of the best bits about taking to African mango fat loss supplement is that so far the users have not reported of any sign of negative side kicks. However, some of the reports do claim of experiencing enhanced libido- but then again, fast weight loss accompanied by enhanced libido is quite a fantastic deal.

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