7 Ways To Treat Acne Scar And Skin Damage

Acne spots and dark scars are worst treat since they leave ugly marks but you have several remedies to try at home which heals any sort of damage. Some scars are usually permanent but they are all prevented with cure. Avoidance from the sun should be followed at all levels. Some of the ways by which you can help your skin to restore the same smoothness are as follows:-

• Using lemon juice – vitamin C rich, lemon juice act as collagen for the body which when consumed and as well as used on the skin directly, helps the skin to glow. You can use the juice of lemon by dabbing it with cotton ball. Some of the procedure acts as a bleach. You can also use it with almond oil, juice of lemon and honey. Application of the mixture once can make the scar vanish.

• Water of sandalwood – sandalwood acts as a cooling agent which is why it deals with all sorts of skin problems. Just by smearing the water of the sandalwood your skin will bloom in freshness. You can use the mixture every week by which you can see dramatic influence on your skin. In fact you can also mix the paste with rose water and leave it overnight.

• Aloe vera – You will find jelly substance of green colour when you make an incision right in the aloe vera. You can take the extract and apply it directly. After applying it you can wash it off with water to give you a relaxing feel. Aloe vera is something that suits almost every type of skin.

• Leaves of neem – neem leaves have distinct qualities which cleanse out all sorts of toxins from the body. Other sorts of beauty problems are also resolved when you use neem leaves.

• Extract of fenugreek – fenugreek is more of an antiseptic that reduces the scars on the face. By adding fenugreek leaves in water and simmering it for 10 minutes gives you a paste form. The liquid has to be strained and then dab it with cotton ball. You can perform it for a week or so to see the difference on your skin.

• Apple Cider Vinegar – Vinegar scrapes of old dead cells which lie on the surface of your skin. Vinegar has antiseptic qualities which are benefitted for the skin. It should always be mixed with water and then used on the scars. Dandruff too goes away with the application of apple cider vinegar.

• Avoid using Vitamin E  – application of vitamin E on the skin should be avoided at all levels. Further the acne should not be scraped off since it causes skin damage.

Maintaining cleanliness at all levels is what your aim should be for it goes a long way in treating skin problems and acne scars. You can always go for surgery but homemade remedies are better on any given day for they are natural and harmless at all times. You should know when to apply the home based products.

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