3 Best Natural Male Enhancement Exercises

Every man looks forward to be the alpha male, especially when it comes to sexual prowess. However, many suffer from the embarrassing condition of small penis size which might hamper their love life to some extent. However, the good news is that one can easily enlarge his penis naturally with the help of some effective exercises that are exclusively designed to improve the genital size. The post below is a brief on the 3 best natural male enhancement exercises:

Manual stretches

This is one of the most suggested exercises when you are looking to improve your penis size. Stretches, quite literally, implies pulling the organ away from your body & holding the penis in outstretched posture for some seconds. The main purpose of this exercise is to extend your genital organ which is achieved by stressing on penis tissue – that results in division of penis cells leading to a longer size. The stretch exercise would even pull at ligaments on pubic bone that allows better exposure of inner penis. Some also flex muscles at penis base & hold the tension on stretch while performing this exercise. There are diverse variations of manual stretches ranging from simple to complex. If you are a beginner, it’s best to stick to the simple option.


This is somewhat like the milking exercise where you hold the penis with “okay” grip around the penis base. As you get the grip, take to milking motion on the organ which works to push blood from penis base to its head. Jelqing exercise is designed to push blood into internal chambers of your genital and this push results in expansion of the chambers. This helps the chamber to house more blood that leads to increase penis girth and ultimately and enlarged strong penis. Akin to manual stretches, the jelqing exercise too comes with several variations.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise should be performed along with your stretching and jelqing routine. While stretches & jelqing lead to enlarged penis size, the kegel option works to assure more pronounced shape & function. In fact, the kegel is often considered one of the most beneficial work-outs for a firmer, elongated penis as this particular exercise directly affects the erection rigidness.

To perform the kegel exercise, you would have to flex muscle at penis base & hold the flex position for 6-8 seconds. This leads to stronger muscle which results in stronger erection as well. You can perform the kegel whilst urinating. As you start to urinate, just stop mid-stream (which is done by contraction of PC muscles), hold on for few seconds and then release. The contraction activity helps in the tightening of PC muscles, leading to a firmer penis.

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