14 Vitamins That Prevent Hair Loss In Men

Millions of people all around the world are subjected to hair loss and there are treatments which help in retaining your hair but there are times when you just feel irritated since nothing suits your hair type and you suffer from stress and depression. You tend to avoid going for a social gathering or even meeting your friends for the simple reason as you find alarming and feel ashamed of your baldness in patches. Well there are solutions that will work in treating your hair loss problem but you have to be patient.

Some of the best vitamins for thinning hair men are as follows:

1. Vitamin A

Carrots, oranges, mangoes and sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A which is required to produce oil for scalp. Minimum amount of sebum is required to manage your hair, prevent it from breaking and getting rid of dandruff. Hair which is dry breaks easily and that is why Vitamin A is required.

2. Vitamin B

Fish, eggs, low-fat milk and bananas are rich in Vitamin B. Basically it is for haemoglobin that Vitamin B is required. Hence, intake of Vitamin B is useful.

3. Vitamin C

Guava, kiwi and grapefruits provide Vitamin C. Vitamin C is taken for hair loss and it also fights many issues of health such as cold.

4. Vitamin D

Lack of Vitamin D results in hair loss and rickets and your follicles of hair have a direct relation with Vitamin D. Fats have the required vitamin D which is essential for flaky scalp.

5. Vitamin E

Corm oil, sunflower oil turnips and nuts have Vitamin E which increases the blood circulation of the scalp. It is to be consumed for hair growth.

6. Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are rich in foods such as nuts, almonds and flax seed. It provides resistance to hair loss.

7. Folic Acid

Genetically those who have bald patch can prevent hair loss. Foods such as chickpeas, strawberries and mangoes when eaten give you the desired folic acid.

8. Amino Acid

Cysteinne a commonly found amino acid increases hair growth. Tyrosine is another amino acid which is used to treat hair loss.

9. Biotin

Called as the food for the hair, biotin supplements replenish your hair by minimizing hair loss. Egg yolk is rich in biotin content.

10. Zinc

To have healthy hair you need to have zinc. Zinc when taken everyday eases out the problem of hair loss. Soy product and pumpkin seed are rich in zinc.

11. Iron content

Iron deficiency results in hair loss and that is why food rich in iron is to be taken. Eating tofu and broccoli in the diet produces iron content.

12. Grape seed

Hair follicle is strengthened by the extract of grape. It acts a detoxifying agent. Those who suffer from genetic disease are advised to have grape seed.

13. Inositol

Having resins, bananas and brown rice adds Inositol in your diet which prevents hair oil.

14. Beta Sitosterol

Hair is grown by the intake of beta Sitosterol which helps in strengthening the hair.

Combining all the vitamins in equal proportion helps in regeneration of hair. Hairs are delicate and should be treated with proper massage of the blood circulation. Baldness in men is a common phenomenon which has to be treated before it aggravates the problem.

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