10 Hardcore Muscle Building Tips For Hardgainers

Preparing your body for the training session, struggling hard to eat a whole pie yet without any results makes you an ectomorphic-hardgainer. It is your genetics that does not allow you to build muscles hence the ‘fault dear Brutus is not in you but in your stars’. You have to comprehend that there are different plans which work for hardgainers that are slightly off track but useful. Make muscles and not excuses. Hitting the gym regularly with a predetermined mind with little patience is the key. You need to train the body as a unit and not as an individual part.

Here are some 10 muscle building tips for hardgainers….

1. Shun the isolation exercise – Burst your bubble by quitting triceps exercises and indulging in lifts which comprises of three kinds of press- incline, shoulder and bench. The target area will be groups of muscle area.

2. Do not overeat - High intake of calorie food everyday will not give you satisfaction and it is for this reason that hardgainers struggle with their muscle build up. Though fresh vegetables are healthy but it is not always the perfect choice for you.

3. Alternative to having calories - instead of stuffing yourself with high calorie foods, take in liquid calories as it will not fill up your stomach. Having an additional shake after the workout is better.

4. Including fats - To make the calorie intake dense, having fats is ideal. It benefits the building up of muscles hence you should not be scared of including fats in your diets.

5. Cardio exercises - usually cardio exercises are excluded from a hardgainers regime but when the cardio exercises are done smartly, it builds up your muscle. To stay healthy as well as build up the muscles you need to consider the heart muscles as well. The intensity of the muscles should be low for safe reasons.

6. Post - workout diet with carbohydrates- training your muscles after the workout needs attention since the body needs to be repaired for which adequate carbohydrate intake is considered to be good. It also replenishes the body.

7. Training with heavy weights but low reps - The range of rep needs to be low as you are going to carry heavy weights. You need to lift up the heavy weights and big weights.

8. Proper rest after workout - do not miss out on rest as you are losing out on the most important aspect. If you take longer periods of rest you will be able to regain strength as well.

9. Adequate sleep - the habit of recovery makes the plan of work out achieve the desired results and it is for this reason that sound and stressful sleep is a must to recuperate.

10. Dedication and persistence - if you are dedicated to build up muscles and you have to be consistent in your workout plan as well as diet plan if you take proper rest, recover and then grow.

At times the body does not take in as much intake of calories and workout does not help either and if you burn the fuel quickly No matter how much of a struggle it might seem get going in a big way or go home. Not all herculean tasks are impossible and you need to have faith in yourself. Energy needs to be conserved as well as given out and you need to keep in mind that nutrition is your fuel, training and exercise are your actual food and extra mass is your aim. Get fire in your belly and slay away all that disturbs you or act as hurdles in the way.

Tips To Increase Body Mass Index By Building Muscles

Having a double baked potato with double fat cream, apple cinnamon pie and ounce steak will not make the muscles strong but will defiantly increase the body weight from 40 to 60. Apart from a combination of high carbohydrate, protein and fat meal you need to inculcate correct work out regime and peace of mind with determination to build muscles for skinny guys. There are some who calculate the entire day’s intake and work accordingly and there are some who go by a normal routine but you do not have to keep a note of everything in your notepad after each meal.

A diet chart combined with work out, rest and sleep is a must if you are looking for an answer to how to build muscle mass for skinny guys. Some of the components which are included are as follows:-

• Meal for breakfast, pre-workout and post-workout

The most secure method which cannot go wrong is to have a heavy breakfast combined so that energy is stored up for most of the day since you are going to go under rigorous muscle build up. After workout your meal should include the required nutrients with green vegetables but the food should not be wholesome as the breakfast. Pre-workout meal should be light yet energetic.

• Intake of a variety of foods

It gets a bit robotic having the same food for every meal every day. Since variety is the spice of life balance out your diet chart which should include calories since for new muscles to grow you are straining your body which needs some recovery process as well. Increasing the metabolism of the body includes intake of proteins in the form of milk and dairy products and carbohydrate is your gas tank. For skinny guys it is optimum to eat 30% of fat. Correct amount of vitamins and minerals are to be included in the diet.

• Planning ahead

Maintaining the correct balance along with correct planning ensures a clear head which is stress free and it adds up to your health by giving boost to your workout of building muscles.

Normally it takes about 12 weeks for a skinny guy to build in muscles and it makes life more exciting for couple of weeks as you get focused in concentrating on the plan. You will not be teased anymore by the body builders for your skinny physique so you can rest in peace.

4 Natural Ways To Treat Scalp Psoriasis In Few Days

Psoriasis is characterised by patches on the skin which are flaky and red. It is also called as a disorder rather than a disease. The symptoms are eased by proper treatments though there have been latest developments in the field of psoriasis which also include treatments taken orally. Some medicated treatments cause side effects and you never know which biological treatment causes reaction. Over the counter treatments does not cause harm when done at home. Every step is different from the other when it is treated at home. Even if the scalp is affected you have to take note that skin should be kept clean as it can spread easily to other parts.

Some home remedies for severe scalp psoriasis are as follows:-

Find the medicine in your cabinet

Having a good diet is imperative to cure your scalp psoriasis but to apply it on the scalp makes it even more effective which include fish oil, primrose oil which to be plucked in the evening. In fact milk thistle is also applied. I f you are not used to any of the ingredients then it is best to apply a small portion initially that is to be tested.

Straight from the kitchen

Diet does play a major role in managing the balance of the scalp psoriasis. There are some food which you should avoid clearly from your diet that include foods which are rich in fat and red meat since it can aggravate the problem. There are some functional foods which you should intake in your diet that comprises of chocolates, cranberries, nuts and soy. Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant is also applied.

Application of certain oils

To keep the moisture intact and adds nutrients to the body, application of vegetable oil and olive oil when you take the shower brings much needed relief. Jojoba oil is effective oil that does wonders when messaged.

Bathtub wonders

To give relief to your itchy skin you need to add Epsom salt, mineral oil or milk to the water in the bath tub. Even if the dermatologist prescribe not to take bath, make sure that you do take it since it for few minutes for relief and it cleans the area of the accumulated dust.

Phase wise treatments treated by the dermatologists are undertaken which include steroids and topical treatments but it may cause side effects. When there are home based treatments to get rid of severe scalp psoriasis it is also true that you need to take care of it gently. You have to makes sure that no scented soaps and shampoos should be used on the scalp or skin and only products which are entitled ‘sensitive skin’ to be used. In fact perfumes also contain harmful chemicals which can inflame the psoriasis.

Top 5 Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Inconvenience is caused due to back acne if you suffer from it. Author, Tina Fey in Bossypants poignantly refers to acne as “I would not trade the acne scar because that receiving zit spent more time with me in college than any boy ever did”. How humorous it sounds but the fact remains as when you are prone to acne you will repeatedly be getting it more and without correct remedy scars remain. Apart from applying ointments prescribed by the dermatologists you can also opt for natural homemade remedies which do wonders for your skin.

To find a correct solution for your back acne, understand its cause first:

• Sebaceous glands which is the oil gland gets in contact with the sebum or the oil of the dead skin it gives rise to bacteria and if you are prone to getting acne on your face then it is bound to occur on your back as well.
It is important to get rid of the back acne as soon as possible since it does get attracted to your clothes and cause stickiness which is unhygienic. Here are 5 back acne treatments at home which are as follows:-

1. Sea salt and Epsom salt

For using sea salt you need 2-3 cups of salt and warm water filled in the bath tub. If you have an oily skin, do not apply anything after the application of salt in water and if your skin lacks moisture apply a moisturiser which is mild. Depending on the severity of back acne you can repeat the process twice in a day. An alternative to sea salt is Epsom salt. It provides instant relief to itching as it is rich in Vitamin D. For using it you need 1-2 cups of Epsom salt, warm water for bath to soak in and for absorption of the salt better in your skin you must mildly use the loofah. Drink lots of water after having an Epsom water bath since Epsom is abrasive and should not be used directly.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 part of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in proportion to 2 parts distilled water into the spray bottle is to be used before sleep, every night. It acts a toner for your back and you can even store the bottle in refrigerator. If you do not want it to be like a spray you can directly soak the cotton balls in it and apply on the back to remove the acne. It is an anti inflammatory agent not only for the back but also for the entire body. You can also drink it with equal proportion of water.

3. Aloe Vera

A simple Aloe Vera leaf when cut gives out the white portion that is actually the thick gel and it can be applied on your back directly to heal your acne. Acne gel acts as an astringent and has antifungal properties. It produces new cells and makes the skin smooth.

4. Honey-cinnamon mask

Ground cinnamon to make it 1 tsp and mix honey and lemon juice for the back acne. It acts as a mask and then wash off with lukewarm water. Elimination of dirt and bacteria is easily carried out.

5. Tea tree oil

Two to three teaspoon tea tree oil with 1 cup water and with a cotton ball you have to use it on your back to treat acne.

Apart from the remedies health and lifestyle matter a lot which should include meditation, no smoking and drinking.

5 Useful Simple Home Treatments For Cystic Pimples

“Miracles are synonymous with pimples since once you start searching for them you find it in abundance than you ever dreamed of seeing”. Most teens are affected by cystic pimples which are different from the normal pimple as it occurs on the tissue of the skin and scars the skin. In order to look good on the tennis court to a ballroom you tend to get stressed over night, trying to scratch the irritable boils but the more you do it more vomit fills the face. No matter how much you try to treat the cystic pimples it remains stuck to your face like honey bee.

Understanding the cause of cystic pimple

1. Genetic condition – most of the cystic pimples are caused genetically and may remain subsided at times does not appear on the surface.
2. Glands or bacteria – the cystic pimples are also caused by secretion of excess oil and bacteria which gets inflamed over time and are quite visible.
3. Hormonal changes – cystic pimples are caused during teen age days or over time they flare up when you are in your mid-age.

Commonly the pimples break out during particular season when oil is secreted the most. However to avoid the breakouts and get rid of the already built in cystic pimples, you need to know about 5 cystic pimple home remedy which are as follows:-

• Mask for the face

At times cystic pimples might appear due to the pH level imbalance. Equal proportion of lemon juice with apple cider vinegar is to be mixed together to restore the pH level. Remember that lemon juice acts as a natural astringent and it also lightens the dark spots. The mixture is probiotic which is essential to combat pimple after which you need to add organic powder of turmeric for alleviating the redness and inflammation. Leave this mask for 5 minutes and then wash off.

• Mask involving honey

Mixing raw honey with paste of cinnamon and nutmeg does wonders for the cystic pimple eradication. Most of the treatments which you indulge in for the cystic pimple make your skin dry while honey restores the moisture in your skin and also has antiseptic qualities to heal the pimples faster.

• Epson salt with baking soda

Warm water is needed to dilute both Epson salt and baking soda which has diverse properties. When it is formed as a paste, apply it as a mask and wash off when it is hard on the skin.

• Lemon squeezed in water

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is a must every day and out of which twice you can drink water with lemon squeezed into it to flush out the toxins from your body and giving Vitamin C to your diet.

• Ice Ice baby

To freeze the stringent pores and reduce the inflammation, apply ice on the infected area which will also remove dirt.

Hormonal changes and stress are the primary factors which are also responsible for the flare up of cystic pimples. You may be advised to undergo Laser treatment by the dermatologists and will be prescribed cortisone creams which may work but never take the risk when you can naturally get over it.